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Toasty Tips for Staying Warm Over This Winter

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When a cold season is coming closer, the most frequent issue to arise is how to protect yourself from an adverse impact of cold. Whether you are strolling through the urban canyons or you're out for the camping trip it's vital to understand how to make yourself warm. Here we should recourse to the science of heat transfer. Staying warm lies on two key principles: conduction & convention. Conduction is the transfer of heat between two solid surfaces that are in direct contact with each other, such as when you stand on icy pavement. Convection is the transfer of heat between a mass (such as your body) and a moving fluid or gas.

Bundle up

In order to shield your body from both conduction and convention mechanisms the first thing to do is to insulate yourself with the help of multiple layers of warm clothing. Piling on a few extra leves is a great way to keep your core warm. The apparel should not be heavy though and you should be able to move freely. Specifically, if you're in for winter sports. Consider swapping your conventional leggins for long thermal & breathable underwear set. It provides durable but lightweight protection and smooth action. Besides, high-quality underwear has anti-sweat properties, what will allow you feel comfortable under any circumctances. Do not worry about looking bulky - slim design and ergonomic shape will fit your body tight.
Leftover snow and slush can bring a lot of discomfort and mar your skiing session. The best way to keep your legs dry is to take on thick waterproof socks that prevent leaking.

Indulge in Food

Being well-fed — meaning consuming more calories than you're burning — will help your body tolerate the cold better. Rev up metabolism with healthy fats - these are like fuel for your body providing it with energy you need badly to stay comfy in the cold.
Staying hydrated is also key. Maintain the water balance - that helps to handle cold as well.

Omit the Boose

Although a glass of bourbon or whiskey may seem overly enticing in cold weather, avoid alcohol, though: despite the 'warming-up' properties, alcoholic beverages actually drop body temperature and effect negatively your built-in thermoregulation system. They depress reflexes like ability to shiver, what could be even life-threatening.

Pay Extra Attention to Hands & Toes

Hypothermia is most likely to begin in extremities like your hands and feet, so keeping your toes warm is important. Whether you're walking to work or just around the block, make sure to wear sturdy, insulated shoes that will help prevent slips on slick surfaces and keep your feet dry.

Get Prepared

Heed weather warnings, and stock your car with water, calorie-dense products, warm blankets and extra sets of dry clothes just in case. Double check all the necessities when you are planning a trip. A survival kit with numerous helpful emergency staff can be your life saver in severe backcountry conditions.

Here is set of winter essentials by Survival Apex:

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7. Waterproof Socks

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